Master Japanese with us!
About the course and start of classes

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Master Japanese with us!
About the course and start of classes

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Available courses:

Basic course JLPT N5 for 16 academic hours per month.

Intermediate course (N4). Classes once a week 8 academic hours.

For the development of speaking skills, we offer "Conversation Club" several times a month.

Certification Course
Basic course JLPT N5
Sat and Sun, 90 min.
This course is for those who want to focus on each lesson at a comfortable pace.
Weekly Japanese
Basic JLPT 5 course
Weekly (Sun) 2 lessons of 90 minutes with a break.
This course is suitable for those who have every hour scheduled, even on weekends.
Lessons several times a month.
Conversational practice with a native speaker (60 min.) Students of any level can take part in the classes: from basic to advanced. For details of the schedule and cost, check in the "ask a question" section.
Intermediate Course
JLPT level group N4. Sunday classes 90 min. with a Russian teacher.
The course was developed according to the author's methodology.
In addition to the course, it is also recommended to visit a conversation club with a native speaker.
Course できるN5!
The main objectives of the course are:
Concentrated JLPT N5 preparation
Kanji marathon
Emphasis on speaking practice
Author's assignments from teachers

Our tutors
Julia Slastenova
Teaching experience - more than 10 years

St. Petersburg (Russia).

The author and teacher of the "basic" Japanese course. An author's method of teaching the language has been developed. I promise students that in 2 years they will read Murakami in the original with a dictionary. I keep my promise. I love Keigo (honorific Japanese) to the core. I also teach to think in a foreign language.

Imamura Akiko
Teaching experience - more than 2 years
I am in charge of the "conversational" Japanese groups. Extensive experience teaching the language to students from China to Europe. The use of original teaching materials in the lessons, a lot of speaking practice! The ability to teach everyone who comes for knowledge. From the first lesson, paying attention to the pronunciation and intonation of the language, concentration and rest in the classroom is the basis that I adhere to.
Olga Uzun
Teaching experience - more than 15 years

St. Petersburg (Russia).

Author of JLPT preparation courses N5 and N4, as well as a course for advanced students 「ニュースで学ぶ」- "Watch the news - learn Japanese". Years of experience and passion for my own business allow me to create a favorable atmosphere and environment in the classroom that supports students of different levels, which guarantees an individual approach and a comfortable pace even in group classes.

Maruyama Ai
Teaching experience - more than 15 years

Naha, Okinawa (Japan)

Author and teacher of the "basic" Japanese course. Teaching Japanese as an art! Explaining Japanese to different students, from school age to graduate school, is the most fun. Learning not only the basics of the language, but also the comprehensive aspects of culture is fundamental to me. I propose to go through the thorny path of Japanese characters and grammar with me! I'm looking forward to meeting each new student!
Hiraoka Ryoji
Teaching experience - more than 7 years
A Japanese lesson for beginners is the creation of different images, ideas about the language.
The experience of working in a language school with foreign students, help and support of students during their studies in Japan give a great chance to ask the sensei questions of interest. At the lesson, the student receives knowledge not only of the language, but also learns interesting facts about the culture of Japan, about life in the Land of the Rising Sun!
Kuzyurina Irina
Teaching experience - more than 3 years
I have been fond of Japan since childhood and have been learning Japanese for over 11 years.
In teaching, it is important for me to create a friendly atmosphere, where from the very first lessons we begin to speak Japanese.
Also in the learning process, we analyze various situations and train to answer and conduct a conversation correctly.

Japanese Course Syllabus

divided into 9 blocks

(the study of one block is calculated for 1 month)

  • 1
    Getting to know the language
    Hiragana, katakana, pronunciation.
    Expressions of greeting/farewell.
    Noun grammar.
    Cases は、が、も、の.
    Numerals, dates, times.
    Demonstrative pronouns.
  • 2
    Adjective grammar.
    Constructions of choice, comparisons, skills, desires.
  • 3
    Verb grammar.
    The cases are に、から、まで、へ、で、を.
    "Nowhere", "anywhere".
    An invitation to joint action.
    Action verbs.
  • 4
    Verbs "to become", "to have", "to be".
    Structures of desire, directions of action.
    Simultaneity of action.
  • 5
    Middle form of the verb.
    An expression for the duration of an action.
    Allowed, prohibited, you can and you can’t, you must, do it, don’t do it.
  • 6
    Simple form.
    Constructions with a simple form.
    Potential form.
  • 7
    A definition expressed by a verb.
  • 8
    Grammar of time (when) and conditions (if).
  • 9
    Direction of action.
    Honorific language.
Intermediate japanese course syllabus

The course is designed for 6 months, total duration: 48 academic hours.

Each of the blocks includes the implementation of hieroglyphic exercises,

assignments for knowledge of lexical units, reading texts using the studied structures, as well as assignments for listening.

  • Block 1 (16 academic hours): vocabulary and hieroglyphics, grammar, listening.

    Simple final form of the verb. Standard grammatical constructions (full completion of an action, simultaneity of an action, preparation and use of the result in the future, designation of intention and excess of an action, expression of a prohibition)
  • Block 2 (16 academic hours): vocabulary and hieroglyphics, grammar, listening.
    Transferring information heard from another person. Transitive and intransitive verbs. Сonditional constructs. An expression of a hypothetical condition.
  • Block 3 (16 academic hours): vocabulary and hieroglyphics, grammar, listening.

    Voices in Japanese. Verbs denoting direction of action. Polite style. Performing examples of exam tasks.

For convenience, we offer payment in different ways

(Yandex Wallet, PayPal or TransferWise). For details

contact us via the contact form.

Payment for one month training group "basic" japanese
(8 lessons)
Payment for three months training group "basic" japanese
(24 lessons)
10% discount
One-time payment for the entire course group "basic" Japanese
(75 lessons)
15% discount
Payment for one month training group "intermediate" Japanese
(4 lessons)
4 lessons per month
"colloquial Japanese" with a native speaker
8 lessons per month advanced training course for N5, 3 months
Our features and benefits
2 teachers: a native speaker and a Russian teacher for comfortable language learning
Classes are held under the motto - "understandable and fascinating Japanese"
At a convenient time for you at a budget price.
There are no additional fees such as textbook fees, entrance fees.
Teaching materials are created and provided by teachers for each group, and are available throughout the entire learning process.
At the end of the course you will receive
Japan type certificate
For submission to the Immigration Bureau when studying at a language school.
Get JLPT N5 level Japanese skills
The study of the Japanese writing systems, the basics of grammar and hieroglyphics, as well as the practice of colloquial speech with a native speaker.
At the end of the course, a certificate equal to the level of the JLPT N5 (passing the test itself is a personal choice of the student)

Support from onjpn
During and after the course, onjpn staff are available to assist you with any questions you may have about studying in Japan.
Our reputation
  • Starting the course, I was worried, because before I was engaged only offline.

    But it turned out to be very convenient to study online, you can connect from anywhere in the world! The atmosphere from the first lesson is very warm and relaxed. The price of the course is also quite affordable.

    Marina (Kirov)
  • In the future I plan to study at school, and it turns out that the certificate of 150 hours is a very important document. I found OnJapan courses and decided to try it. Thank you teachers for your professionalism!

    Das (Moscow)
  • My friend and I were looking for a tutor in our town, but we found this site and decided to try it. The learning process is interesting, we learn a lot during the lesson. I like the tandem of two teachers - initially it hooked. We are already thinking about a trip to Japan!
    Mikhail (St. Petersburg)
  • Convenient class time! From the first lesson, we have already begun to communicate with a native speaker! I like the teaching methodology and if anything is unclear, you can always ask a Russian teacher! I'm satisfied!
    Vlad (Tallinn)
About Us
onjpn (online Japan) is Japanese language courses for those who set a goal to master the basics of grammar, speech practice and writing. And also, who plans to go to study in Japan in the future, realize themselves in a new business or just discover a new language.


In cooperation with teachers - orientalists, professionals in their field, ready to share their knowledge and a unique methodology developed over the years of teaching and received during various internships in Japan, we have created a Japanese language course specifically for those who have long dreamed of starting learning, developing conversational skills and learn grammar with ease, interest, at a convenient time for classes.

Our managers are always available.

We are ready to answer various questions about studying and living in Japan.
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